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  • Sell Sell Sell


    Select a 4-week fundraising period and determine if you would like to track your sales with a single group code or with multiple codes to track individual performance. Then go sell and spread the word through email/text/social media using a template we provide.

  • Shop & Buy


    Your group's network orders on our website using your unique code.

    We track the amount your organization raises through code redemption at purchase.

  • Local Delivery


    We deliver to the buyer's doorstep within 5 business days of their order.

    Minimum order is $50 with a delivery fee of $8.99. Orders over $150 are delivered free.

  • Earn money with our Fundraisers


    At the end of the fundraising period, your organization will receive a check anywhere from 10% to 35% of all product sales!

    Simple as that!

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Please Note:
The pricing of our products and our delivery fees are
subject to change without notice, even during a fundraiser.

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Simpls Fundraiser Testimonial
Simpls Fundraiser Testimonial
Simpls Fundraiser Testimonial

Fundraiser FAQs

How does selling work?

Individuals in your organization will email or text out a link to our website and a unique code to their network.

We track the amount your organization raises through code redemption at purchase; your choice of one group code or codes for each individual.

How does buying work?

Your group's network will shop and order on our website, no different than anyone else buying products on our website!

At checkout, they will enter your group or individual fundraiser code so their purchase is attributed to your campaign. We then keep track of all the sales attributed to your codes!

How does delivery work?

We deliver the order to the buyer’s doorstep! Absolutely no distribution logistics for you and 100% contact free.

We take care of it all and your buyers get to choose their delivery date at checkout. Our soup and pizzas are made fresh and delivered frozen.

How much can my group earn?

Your organization's earnings are based on sales volume achieved during the 4-week fundraiser:
1.  $0 to $1000 – 10% of total product sales

2.  $1000 to $5000 – 25% of total product sales
3.  $5000 to $7000 - 30% of total product sales
4.  $7000 or more - 35% of total product sales

*Gift cards are included

**Orders paid for with a gift card are not included

How long do fundraisers last?

Our standard fundraising period is 4 weeks long. You will get a sales progress report every week during your fundraiser.

There's no limit to the number of times your codes can be redeemed during the fundraising period.

Is my group eligible for a Simpls fundraiser?

Our goal is to positively impact the community by supporting local, providing healthy and sustainable foods, and giving back to groups making a difference.

If your group shares a commitment to positively impacting the community, we can't wait to work with you!

Why didn't this exist years ago?

Great question! We're not sure either.

But we're sure glad to be working with you to positively impact our community!

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