Bringing Back the Bison

Reintroducing bison to grasslands is shown to double plant diversity and increase drought resilience.

A Kansas State University-led study has found that reintroducing bison — a formerly dominant grazer in the Great Plains — doubles plant diversity in a tallgrass prairie. The research involves more than 30 years of data collected at the Konza Prairie Biological Station and was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Read more at the link below.

For our bison, we're proud to partner with Wild Idea Buffalo in South Dakota. They are on a mission to restore the Great Plains ecosystem by bringing back the Bison. In addition to the diversity and drought benefits, Patagonia commissioned a study which showed Wild Idea's regenerative ranching practices sequester 4.5 more tons of carbon per year per acre compared to neighboring properties.

Try our new Bison Meatloaf today! With every bite you're helping restore the great plains ecosystem and sequestor more carbon. Eat more delicious bison, do more good.

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