Our Story

How It All Started

Founders Mike and Ryan go way back, as in best-pals-since-third-grade-back. They’ve shared countless meals and, over time, began to care more about flavor, quality, and what went into their food. They learned about regenerative agriculture, which benefits people and the planet through improved soil health, cleaner air and water, and more nutrient-dense food. They discovered these ingredients also have so much more flavor. Discussions were had. Recipes were tested.
A plan was hatched.

  • In 2013, they ditched their corporate jobs so they could focus on creating convenient foods that were truly delicious AND made from high-quality ingredients from nearby farms that used organic and regenerative methods. 

    The two opened a grab-and-go cafe, “Simpls,” in the Minneapolis Skyway in 2014, offering flavorful scratch-made soups, sandwiches, and coffee. It was an instant hit, and clear from the jump that they were on to something, even winning the very competitive Minnesota Cup in its first year. Turns out, the public was ready for convenience with a conscience. 

    When the world shut down in March 2020, Mike and Ryan had a will to continue the momentum, a loyal fan base, and a whole lot of frozen soup on hand.

  • That soup eventually propelled them into a whole new business model and an ever-growing roster of delicious farm-to-freezer meals made with local and beyond-organic ingredients- all fully prepared, ready to heat and serve, and delivered throughout the Twin Cities metro.

    Today the dynamic purple-shirted duo continues to be laser-focused on making eating with impact both delicious and easy, with a not-so-secret goal of also growing the market for regenerative farming.

    Winner, winner, (and a whole new kind of) frozen dinner. It’s Simpls.