Dreamy Pizza from a Dream Team

Organic Wheat from A-Frame Farm

Did you know that 100% of the wheat for our pizza flour comes from one Minnesota organic family farm? Yep, Luke and Ali Peterson of A-Frame farm in Madison, MN manage 500 acres of certified organic land with a focus on diverse crop rotations and maximizing soil health to create the most nutrient-dense food possible for your family.



Stone-Milled in Minneapolis

Then the organic wheat from the Peterson Family Farm goes straight to our friends at Baker’s Field in Minneapolis to be freshly stone-milled for us every week.

A Master Pizzaiolo

And Joe Williams, our Executive Chef and Passionate Pizzaiolo, joined our team after serving as Executive Chef at Pizzeria Lola in South Minneapolis. The hand-tossed crust we make with this fresh flour is 100% naturally leavened to add extraordinary flavor and increase the nutrient availability of the grain. Then we top it off with the best organic scratch-made ingredients to bring the most delicious and nutritious pizza possible to your kitchen table!


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