Our partner for regenerative organic chicken!

Tree-Range® Chicken in Northfield, MN

They raise slow growth organic chickens in diverse forested pastures where they forage on plants and bugs without the need for antibiotics or restrictive confinement. Tree-Range farmers focus on creating a "jungle-like" habitat with a canopy of trees and perennial crops to provide cover that honors the true nature of chickens as jungle birds.

What makes them regenerative? The chickens fertilize the pasture and trees, which in turn, produce harvestable perennial crops like hazelnuts and elderberries. All the while, the plants and trees in the pasture store carbon back into the soil, prevent erosion, promote biodiversity, and protect water quality.Tree-Range® Chicken is leading the way in creating circular and diverse polyculture systems that honor the animal, the farmer, our health, and the planet.

We’re thrilled to bring this nutrient-dense and planet positive chicken to your table!


Meet Tree-Range® CEO Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

"Through Tree-Range® Farms, I believe we demonstrate a new way of thinking, of relating, of working as part of nature so that all who come in contact with our ecosystems will know that we can build a better world for everyone."

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