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MPR News host Angela Davis recently hosted a segment about how Minnesota’s agriculture industry is adapting to extreme weather, including droughts, floods, and record-setting snowfalls. If you missed the segment, it’s worth a listen– 3 guests provided critical context as to why Minnesota farmers have identified climate resiliency as their most pressing issue, according to the Minnesota Farmers Union.

At Simpls, our farm-to-freezer meals are only possible because of our amazing local farm partners. The climate crisis is a serious threat to Minnesota farmers, so many farmers are adjusting their practices (many utilizing regenerative agriculture practices) to continue producing food in a changing climate. While many regenerative practices make economic sense for farmers, options like Simpls are needed to accelerate this transition by creating a market to connect these farmers’ harvests with consumers. 

We want to share three additional thoughts on how you, as a Simpls customer, support climate resiliency and our local farmers.

It all starts with the soil.

Wendell Berry said, “The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of us all.”It makes sense that soil health seems to be an increasingly hot topic, as all conversations on organic and sustainable farming practices always start with the soil.

How farmers grow food produces dramatically different results for soil health, nutrition profile, taste, water quality, carbon footprint, etc. Too often, consumers have little insight into what’s in food from a nutrient standpoint. Simpls prioritizes small, local Midwest farm partners who use sustainable, organic, and regenerative growing practices. Our customers not only support this ecosystem, but they also prioritize the most nutrient-dense food possible.

“What can we do to help?”

Eating with impact is one of the most significant positive changes an individual can make as they take action in response to the climate crisis, especially considering the inputs and journey our food takes to get to the table. While people prioritize investments in electric vehicles and solar panels, the EPA reports that agriculture, forestry, and other land use have almost the same impact as electricity and heat production. Simpls customers know that our value is in our values - our food is worth the investment to eat with the best ingredients for people and our planet.

It’s not what we grow that’s a problem; it’s how we grow it.  

Foods like corn and beef get a bad rap, but there are ways to produce them that benefit our ecosystem. Not all food is created equal in its environmental impact and nutrient value. Simpls shoppers want good food and flavors, assured that their purchase supports the outcomes and lasting impact they seek in the world. And we make it as convenient as possible by delivering to your doorstep! (And for some locally-grown, regenerative chicken and beef dishes, check out our Roasted Potato Tot Hotdish and Chicken Corn Chowder Soup!)

We work hard to make it deliciously easy to eat with impact. Thanks for joining us in the critical work of building local, resilient food systems. Together we can build a better future.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish.
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